A Review of The New-life Malaysia Multi Level Company

New-life Malaysia was started and founded by one Dr. Lynn Tan and Mr. C. K. Tan. Dr. Lynn Tan thought of starting this company since she was good at sports while she was young and health cautious. Back then she was very active in sports and even got to participate in so many world tournaments in Malaysia and beyond. Sadly when she was nineteen, her health started failing her, and nobody understood why. She even tried seeing different doctors, but none of them were able to come up with a diagnosis for her condition. Check out Malaysia latest news here!

They one day together with her husband came to a certain doctor who also happened to be a naturopath and drastically, her life changed. For the better. The problem she had been suffering from is known as Toxemia or poisons throughout her body. She then started using simple methods to detoxify her body. This involves eating right and taking plenty of water, and in a few months' time, her body started getting better and better. Some people used homeopathic remedies to treat such case which did not work for her. This is how the motivation of starting the New-life movement came by.

The philosophy of the company being "Good Health and Good Wealth without compromise". The company was started in 1993, and its main purpose was a setup for the founder family consumption. Once they realized that with the company they could help thousands of people, then they extended their services to the public and started a network marketing compensation plan. If you look into their website, you will get to find that they carry an array of products ranging from health foods, detox, herbal medicine, vitamins and minerals just to mention but a few.

What people do not understand is that at this present day, what we are consuming in our bodies in the form of food stuff, junks, alcohol, and sodas are poor eating habits. We are destroying our health by not eating right; it's sad that we have small children suffering diseases such as diabetes something that used to be associated with adults only. With better eating habits this diseases could easily be avoided. It is the duty of a parent to ensure that a child gets to eat the right kinds of foods and keep healthy. This is what the new-life company is trying to achieve; they are not only here to give you the proper nutrients in life but also to give you an education about the importance of eating right to live a longer and more productive life.

Judging by the looks of things one can estimate that this company makes an average sale of 100 products in a fraction of a minute this, however, is not information that you get on their website but through other sources. This company and its products are however found in Malaysia. Find out Malaysia latest news at this link.